We offer to teach Russian language and culture to employees of your company.

The first stage of all our projects is educational consulting. It contains obtaining analytical data and statistics and, based on these results, developing normative complex and methodology of education which would lay foundation to all the following work. If we let ourselves draw an analogy with Olympic sports, this stage is synergy of coaching strategy and tactics, medical data and competitive analysis, based on which an athlete is going to compete for Olympic gold.

Educational consulting for the aforementioned aims includes:
• developing norms of Russian language proficiency for employees of company depending on duties and company’s field;
• developing a detailed strategy of assessing existing levels of the employees’ knowledge of Russian language;
• developing methodology for following education of employees of company;
• teaching Russian language to employees of company;
• recommendations on maintaining the achieved results on each level;
• developing measures to improve language proficiency during cultural and business visits to Russia.

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